Website  Development


Whether you want a simple or complex site, we can maintain and/ or create custom pages or reports. We develop using the latest web technologies

Software Development


We build better software, faster, delivering innovative platforms to startups and enterprises.

Give your business the competitive advantage



At Kidron Informatix we believe the right technology can change the world to be a better place. We work with business owners to transform how their companies use technology. By adopting the right solutions for their business, our clients become more efficient, productive and profitable.

Kidron Services


  -  Remote / Onsite IT Support

  -  Computer Support 

  -  Server and Network Support 


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Mobile App Development


Our team creates the best functionality and backend systems to deploy and manage your app effectively.

IT Infrastructure Support


We offer comprehensive and value-added Infrastructure support services for startups and enterprises.

IT Consulting Services


From the strategy to full-scale implementation, Kidron Consulting can help you determine how to execute your IT, workforce or application transformation...


Creativity is at the core of everything we do. We strive to be innovative in our creativity when solving problems. From a simple website to a complex app.


The competitive advantage is the most important part of the strategy statement. It describes the logic of why you will succeed, how you differ, or what you are doing better than the competition.


We are committed to every client equally without any favouristism. We strive to be a company that our clients can fully trust and  rely on to co-partner with on growing their bottom line. 


Some of our clients powered by Kidron Informatix

What some of our customers say about us

I was expecting to pay thousands and thousands of rands and  never thought that having my own app could be this simple and cost effective. I'm quite impressed and very happy with the wonderful service.